Bazar & Associates also provides Mediation Services. David N. Bazar is skilled, trained, certified and licensed mediator.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and it can often provide viable legal solutions to business as well as personal issues. By definition, mediation means that a neutral third party helps amenable, disputing parties as they reach toward agreement. Mediators facilitate rather than direct the process, which has process has a well-defined structure, timetable and also creates new opportunities that usual negotiation often lacks. Discussion and empathy are helpful tools that are not always available in the courtroom. All conversations are private and confidential, and the outcome is fully enforceable in a court of law. Participation is typically voluntary.

Clients often consider this to be a cost-saving, hassle-free option to resolve family and business issues. For those who are open to the process of mediation and open dialog, parties usually find they have increased control over the outcome, unlike in a courtroom where a judge or jury control the outcome.

If no acceptable resolution can be reached, traditional legal channels remain open.

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David N. Bazar, Esq. is available to serve you as either mediator or legal counsel. For free, confidential discussion and clarification, please contact us.